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Mitchell Rosen, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Professional Corporation


Counseling Services


Marriage and Relationship Counseling
Appointments for marriage and relationship counseling are available by calling Mitchell Rosen directly at: (951) 541-3158. Mr. Rosen's 30+ years of experience providing relationship counseling includes specializations in: infidelity, alcohol and drug abuse, anger and control issues, as well as apathy, indifference and unhealthy communication.  Problems such as intimacy, boundaries, blending families, improper relationships, parenting  and pornograpy are among the subjects Mitchell has written about in the Press Enterprise. The fee for a 50 minute session is $160.00

Individual Therapy for Men and Women
Mitchell Rosen treats individuals with problems that include: depression, anxiety, self-image, sexual identity, childhood sexual and physcal abuse, alcohol and drug dependence as well as feelings of being confused or unfocused. If in the course of treatment a referral for medication is indicated, Mitchell has a professional relationship with local physicians and psychiatrists he believes are both knowledgeable and competent. The fee for a 50 minute session is $160.00

Individual Therapy for Adolescents
A large percentage of Mr. Rosen's practice focuses on the unique problems of adolescents.  Areas of special interest include: sudden changes in demeanor, feelings of being lost or displaced, isolation, lack of attachment to family, self-injury, suicide, sexual identity and depression.  Mitchell's speeches on video game addiction, teen violence and the angst of adolescence  have been presented at the Riverside County Office of Education as well as local middle and senior high schools.  His references include school principals, superintendents, local physicians, and pediatricians. For over 10 years Mitchell Rosen was a consultant to the Corona Norco School District Department of Special Education providing guidance for educators on the issues of special needs chidren including those with ADHD, learning disabilities, anger control and poor social skills.  The fee for a 50 miinute session is $160.00

Individual Therapy for Children
As a child custody evaluator for the Riverside Family Courts, Mitchell  has had extensive experience evaluating and assisting children with divorce, anxiety, depression and self-esteem.  Mr. Rosen believes therapy with children should also involve the parent.  While the content of each session is private and confidential, parents are updated regarding how they might assist their child and whether or not family therapy would be of benefit.  The fee for a 50 minute session is $160.00
Family Therapy

Often therapy involving the entire family is the best approach to resolving problems and improving communication.  Family therapy can be an effective tool assisting parents with blending families (children of the parents are from previous relationships).  The counselor's office should always be a safe environment where all family members can participate without fear of reprisal.  Techniques of setting boundaries with respect are emphasized. The fee for a 50 minute session is $160.00

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