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Mitchell Rosen, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Professional Corporation


Court Services

  • Co-Parenting
  • Reunification Therapy
  • 730 Child Custody Evaluations
  • Special Master/Parenting Plan Coordinator
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Special Assignments by the Court
  • 3111and 3118 Child Custody Evaluations 

Co-Parenting Counseling

Co-Parenting counseling always involves both parents being present unless otherwise ordered. The purpose of co-parenting is to improve communication between the parents regarding the well-being of their children. In most cases the children are not involved and should not be brought to the sessions.  This is also true for significant others.

If the Judge has not specified the number of sessions required this usually means it is at the therapist's discretion.  The average number of sessions for Mitchell Rosen is approximately 6-8 but could be more or less depending on the progress of the parents.  Typically sessions are held weekly or every other week.  If the Judge has directed the parents to seek the services of a specific therapist then that is the order of the Court; otherwise parents may choose from a list provided by the Court.

The cost of the sessions are to be split evenly unless otherwise specified by the Judge.  Each 50 minute session is $160 which would be $80 each parent for each session and must be paid by cash or money order. A deposit may be required depending on how the order is written and number of sessions required. In most situations a report is generated about the sessions and the parents waive confidentiality. The cost of report is prorated depending on the amount of time required. The fee for the report including faxing/mailing to Judge, attorneys and parents is billed at $200.00 per hour. Payment for report is required 10 days before the court hearing or one week after the last session.Once the report is written, there is no refund on the report.

Reunification Therapy

Reunification therapy is a term used by the Family Law Courts when one parent is estranged from the child or children and it is the desire of the court to improve their relationship.  Some of the reasons for reunification therapy include: one of the parents has been absent from the child's life due to drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, incarceration, personal choice or alienation by the other parent.

In most cases, the therapist will decide whether to see the child first, the parent or parents first or which configuration would be most beneficial.  The cost for each 50 minute session is $160 and must be paid by cash or money order.  This does not include communication with attorneys and/or review of documents. Unless it is specified by the Court otherwise, the cost is split evenly between the parents.  Duration and frequency vary depending on the motivation and cooperation of the parties involved and the judgment of the therapist. The fee is more than other therapies not only because it requires extensive training but conferences with attorneys and letters to the court are often required. A deposit of $500.00 (five hundred dollars) is required before therapy begins. In most cases a report is requested about the sessions and the parents waive confidentiality. The cost of the report is prorated depending on the amount of time required. The fee for the report including faxing/mailing to Judge, attorneys and parents is billed at $200.00 per hour. Payment for report is required 10 days before the court hearing. Once the report is written, there is no refund.

Child Custody Evaluations

Mitchell Rosen is a trained 730 and 733 child custody evaluator.  In addition to his experience as a family therapist and group facilitator on a chemical dependency unit, Mr. Rosen has completed the requisite 40 hours of specialized training as well as completing continuing education requirements in Domestic Violence and Law and Ethics.  Mitchell has also received advanced education in psychological testing. Mr. Rosen has completed 730 evaluations involving issues as diverse as: parental alienation, allegations of child abuse, the decision to move to another state, child abandonment and drug and alcohol abuse.

Although the Child Custody process can be confusing or intimidating, if you have been ordered to complete a 730 evaluation with Mitchell Rosen, begin by calling (951) 541-3158.  State that you have been ordered to complete the evaluation with Mitchell Rosen. Mitchell Rosen's staff will answer all of your questions  regarding fees, testing, interviews, required documents and tell you what to expect.  

Some parents are concerned the evaluation process will be stressful or traumatic for their children.  Children are always treated respectfully (as are all participants) and every effort is made to ensure the experience is as pleasant and non-threatening for the children as possible.  Mr. Rosen's offices are professional, tastefully decorated and in the best locations. The 'forms' section has an overview under child custody evaluations that includes  step-by-step instructions and what Mr. Rosen will need from the litigants and their attorneys.  All 730's include pyschological testing and home visits.  The cost for a 730 is located in the section entitled: Fees. If court testimony is required that would be billed seperately and information on testimony is also found in the section: Fees.

Beginning the Child Custody Process for Attorneys and Litigants
Overview for Attorneys and Litigants

733 Report on Child Custody Evaluation

A 733 is a review of another professional's child custody report. The 733 involves having Mr. Rosen read the other person's 730 or 3111 evaluation and provide a detailed report to the referring attorney outlining whether or not the evaluation was performed properly and if the conclusions are supported by the data. A 733 does not involve speaking with the parents but only with the referring attorney. Mr. Rosen is the referring attorney's expert; his report and communications shall only be with the referring attorney. A sample letter of engagement including fees are included here.

Special Master/Parenting Plan Coordinator

There are times after a divorce when parents still argue, disagree and file motion after motion. In some cases the Judge may elect to appoint a quasi-judicial officer known as a Special Master or Parenting Plan Coordinator.  A Special Master is usually an attorney or therapist familiar with family law issues who is assigned by the Court to mediate disputes before the parties return to Court. Mr. Rosen was trained by Joan Kelly, Ph.D. one of the most respected and published researchers on parent/child relationships.

The authority of the Special Master is clearly spelled out and a contract is given to both parents and their attorneys delineating exactly what decisions may be decided by the Special Master. If you request, we can email to you a template of the Special Master that delineates exactly what authority this position holds.  Mitchell Rosen has been assigned to be a Special Master in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties and has recently presented an inservice to the mediators of Riverside County on the appointment of a Special Master.  The cost of these services include a non-refundable deposit of $3,000.00 (usually split between parents at $1,500 for each parent) and sessions are billed at the rate of $200.00 an hour.  For an explanation of what is included with the deposit please go to the forms section and under Special Master/Parenting Plan Coordinator see the page entitled Special Master/PPC fees. It is advisable to go to the Forms section of this website and download the Special Master/PPC (parenting plan coordinator) template to clearly understand the scope of this appointment.

Individual and Family Court Ordered Therapy

By stipulation of both attorneys or an Order of the Judge, there are times the services of a therapist are requested.  In some cases the 730 evaluator may suggest to the Judge that one or both of the parents or their children may benefit from private therapy.  There may be concerns an individual is angry, depressed or may need assistance with parenting  skills. Whatever the reason, if Mitchell Rosen is specifically requested, it is essential that he has a copy of the stipulation, Court Order or 730 recommendations that state reasons for the therapy. The cost for each 50 minutes is $200.00. It is the same price for an individual, couple or family.  You pay for the time not the number of  participants. Often this type of therapy is ordered as confidential (no information is shared) or non-confidential (confidentiality is waived and Mr. Rosen may report to the court). Reports are billed at the rate of $200.00 per hour. Payment for report is due 10 days before the court hearing and once the report is written, there are no refunds.

3111 & 3118 Child Custody Evaluations

A 3111 and 3118 evaluation is essentially a child custody evaluation in the state of California, performed under California Family Code Section 3111 or 3118. This is used to help the Court determine child custody orders and visitation rights. A 3111/3118 investigation may or may not include psychological testing however it does include gathering information from a variety of sources in addition to the parents.  The cost for a 3111 evaluation is explained in the section entitled: Rates & Insurance.. A 3118 Chid Custody  Evaluation is ordered when there are allegations of child abuse. The cost of a 3111/ 3118 Child Custody Evaluation is located in the section entitled: Rates and Insurance. A 3118 assesses allegations of child sexual abuse and includes reviewing available CPS and/or police reports. To begin the process call: (951) 541-3158 and tell the staff you are inquiring about a 3111 or 3118 custody evaluation. Be sure to state if the evaluation has been ordered, whether or not Mr. Rosen was specifically appointed and what the Court date will be to hear the evaluation. Court testimony if required however is not included and information on court testimony can be found under the heading: Fees. 

Beginning the Child Custody Process for Attorneys and Litigants

Expert Testimony and Deposition Fees

Expert testimony:  Mr. Rosen may not be called as a percipient witness, only as an expert witness.  Expert witness fees are: or $3,000.00 (three thousand dollars) for AM or PM session or $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) for a full day. These fees will apply if Mr. Rosen testifies for one minute, 7 hours or not at all. Fees must be paid at least 10 business days before the court date.  The fees are not refundable if Mr. Rosen receives less than 72 hours notice to cancel or change dates of testimony. By mutual agreement, Mr. Rosen will accept subpoena by fax: 951-246-2775. If Mr. Rosen must travel more than one hour from the court house, there will be an additional travel fee. For depositions, the same terms of payment and refund apply.

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